Office of Brad D. Dresher, MD


I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis and went to Dr. Dresher for treatment. Dr. Dresher is a superb Physician and I would say he is at the Top in his field. He has a wonderful and pleasant personality and dedicated to providing superb care and treatment to his patients. He always listens intently to his patient and spends time to fully understand my concerns. His staff is very courteous and friendly and makes my visit a great experience. I highly recommend Dr. Dresher! – Lee C., Healthgrades

Professional and courteous staff to greet and escort to X-ray room, schedule appointments and follow up calls. Dr Dresher is very patient and explains procedure so you can understand in laymen terms. He was very cautious with post op directions as well. I had complete confidence in the entire procedure. – Cassie, Healthgrades

I suffered a Calcaneal Fracture in a car accident, and following the surgeries, non-weight bearing and being in several casts and walking boots, I developed a case of very painful Planter Fasciitis. I tried all of the usual recommended therapies for it, but nothing seemed to work. Dr. Dresher suggested I give PRP a try. Honestly, the results were pretty spectacular. The tightness and pain I experienced every morning and night is now minimal to non-existent.  Compared to the constant pain I was having, this was an amazing improvement for me. I now wake up in the morning and start my day walking pain free, and thanks to Dr. Dresher and PRP I have resumed much of my regular walking and exercise activities. For me, PRP had profound results that helped me get back to my very busy, and active life. - Beth Valdez
Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group